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Invisalign Clear Braces Before and After - Hillsboro Dental Excellence
Ryan has an amazing new smile and the confidence to match!

You can see the happiness beaming from Mirella’s new smile!

Sara has a beautiful new amazing Invisalign smile.

Tobias has fantastic new World-class Smile and said “This is the best decision I’ve made!”

This patient is feeling better and smiling brighter

This patient can’t believe that Invisalign has made her look and feel so much younger

Mikaela Loves the confidence her new Smile gives her

This patient is in love with her new Invisalign smile

This patient is now showing his new Invisalign smile to everyone

Invisalign + Cosmetics

Hugo loves his huge boost in confidence

Melanie is looking and feeling better after improving her smile and her airway.

This patient can’t believe this amazing new smile is hers

Robert Finally got his smile and life back after being attacked on the MAX. (LINK)

Yan-Din is “looking and feeling better than She has in the last 20 years!”

Sandra loves the way her ground down teeth have been made like-new

Cosmetic Dentistry and Veneers

This patient couldn’t be more in love with her new amazing smile

This patient is so happy her smile has finally been fixed.

Suzanne looks amazing with her new smile

This patient is super happy to have their smile back

All on 4 & Dental Implants

Nightlase Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Back of Throat Almost Completely Closed Making it Hard to Get Oxygen – Before Treatment

Snoring Before Treatment

Back of Throat Open After Treatment

Snoring After Treatment