General Dentistry

Your General Dentist In Hillsboro

Young Girl Gets Dental Exams from Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceAre you searching for a general dentist in the Hillsboro area who can serve the dental needs of you and your family? Hillsboro dentist Dr. Skinner offers top-of-the-line general dentistry to keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Hillsboro Dental Excellence is a one stop shop where you can find expertise in any dental area. Dr. Skinner and his staff can provide you with anything from a teeth cleaning, to implant dentistry, to dental fillings, to teeth whitening. Your care will be customized to your unique needs so that you can obtain the smile of your dreams.

Preventative Care

Preventative dentistry involves caring for your teeth to keep them healthy and to avoid intensive dental work down the road. Teeth cleaning is a crucial part of preventative care. Our dental hygienists will give you a thorough gentle teeth cleaning twice a year to protect you from gum disease and decay.

Dental exams are the other key component of preventative care. Dr. Skinner may provide a physical exam and x-rays to ensure your optimal oral health. If he detects a sign of an impending problem, he will offer the best treatment possible to guarantee your healthy smile.

Dr. Skinner is an excellent Dentist. Smart, gentle, prompt, and considerate. One of the best Dentists I’ve encountered in over 30 years! He quickly performed my exam and explained my options (teeth straightening and a cavity) without the hard sell.

The only way he could have done better would have to encouraged my using nitrous (not even sure if it’s available in the office) for my cavity/filling – I’m a bit nervous when it comes to shots and drilling.

Regardless, a truly great Dentist and staff. I wholeheartedly recommend Hillsboro Dental Excellence to anyone looking for an excellent dental cleaning, exam, and dental work!
5 Star Review for Excellent Dentist - Hillsboro Dental Excellence
– Erik Muenker

Oral Cancer Screenings

Woman Gets General Dentistry Services from Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceOral cancer screenings help to find cancer at its earliest stage, while your chance for successful treatment is highest. Oral cancer affects millions of Americans, and is often a deadly disease. You can protect yourself and your family members with regular high-tech oral cancer screenings at Hillsboro Dental Excellence.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings restore health and function to a tooth that has a small amount of decay. Our tooth-colored dental fillings can provide both durability and great aesthetics to your beautiful smile.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal treatment is an important part of general dentistry because it can help you prevent tooth loss and jawbone deterioration. Dr. Skinner will evaluate your gums to determine which periodontal treatment will be most effective for you.

Maximizing the health of your gums and teeth is easy at Hillsboro Dental Excellence. We would love to welcome you into our office for general dentistry—give us a call today if you are in the Hillsboro, Beaverton or Forest Grove area!

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