Invisalign Clear Braces Cost

Man and Woman Smiling About Invisalign Cost with Hillsboro Dental Excellence - Hillsboro Invisalign Braces ProviderHow much are Invisalign invisible braces? What do Invisalign invisible braces cost? Hillsboro Dental Excellence is one of the top GP Invisalign practices in Oregon. That means we get the best price from the Invisalign company, and we pass that reduced cost on to you, our patient! Without seeing and scanning your smile it’s impossible to print or suggest a final Invisalign cost until we analyze your individual case.

When you come in for a free Invisalign clear braces consultation, we will scan your smile with our incredibly accurate 3D laser scanner. That will allow you and the doctor to see how much tooth movement has to be done in your individual case. It will also help you describe to us how you want your smile to look, so you get the smile you have dreamed of.

Our patient coordinator will check with your health and dental insurance companies, and we will work to find you a payment plan that will fit your budget. Once we know all of these costs we will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision for a lifetime of happy smiles.

Our goal is to make Invisalign® invisible braces affordable for you and your family. Having a perfect lifetime smile can be one of the best investments you will ever make. A straight, new smile is absolutely life-changing and can increase your self-confidence for the rest of your life! We know this, so our team works hard to keep the cost as low as possible.

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A quick 15-minute consultation can show you how the Invisalign clear braces system can change your life. Our team can complete a digital scan of your smile that shows your specific situation, so we can calculate how long you will be wearing Invisalign clear braces and the exact cost. Invest in a beautifully straight smile today!

Invisalign Clear Braces Payment Options

Happy Man Considers Invisalign Cost with Hillsboro Dental Excellence - Invisalign Braces ProviderOur goal is to make clear braces affordable for all of our patients. During your consultation, we can discuss the different financing options available to you. Your investment in your smile can be life-changing!

Your Health Insurance or Dental Insurance May Cover All or Part of Your Invisalign Treatment

Many health insurance companies provide coverage for orthodontic care. Insurance co-payments vary from company to company. Because some health insurances offer orthodontic assistance, we will double-check with your health insurance company. Our staff can also find out about any dental insurance during your free consultation visit.

You Can Use FSA or HSA to pay for Invisalign Clear Braces

An FSA, or Flexible Spending Account, may be available through your employer. The savings accounts are tax-free, and the money saved is used to pay for medical expenses. Your FSA account could help you invest in a newly straightened smile!

An HSA, or Health Savings Account, is another tax-free account for patients with high insurance deductibles. Your investment in Invisalign clear aligners can come directly from your HSA account, which in most cases comes with very low or no tax. Any money left over in these accounts can be used for your retirement.

Here are some links to learn more: – Flexible Medical Spending Accounts

The Balance – How to Start a Health Savings Account

You Can Take Advantage of a Payment Plan
We offer financing payment plans for most of our Invisalign braces patients. After a consultation, we can take the total investment and work to create a monthly payment plan that fits within your budget for your clear braces. Ask us about how installments can be an easy and effective way to invest in your new smile.

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Invest in Yourself with the Invisalign Smile Straightening System

You may think that Invisalign braces cost more than traditional braces, but the investment for both is similar. However, when you compare the convenience and ease of the clear braces to traditional braces, the choice is clear.

What’s Included in My Invisalign Care Package?

  • Face-to-face care. Your Invisalign treatment includes a consultation, check-up visits, and a final visit with our highly-experienced Invisalign Doctor of the Year.
  • Customized clear aligners. Your aligner trays are made just for you. Each series is slightly different, designed to gradually move each tooth into a straighter position.
  • Over 20 years of innovative technology. Invisalign clear braces have been around for more than two decades, and the technology improves every year.

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How do you find out what Invisalign braces cost for you? Come in for a quick FREE consultation to find out your exact cost and investment in a straighter smile. Get ready to boost your confidence with a beautiful new smile!

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