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    If you are looking for a dental clinic near you, we promise you the best dentists and outstanding dental care. From tooth whitening, veneers and cosmetic dentistry, to Invisalign, snoring and sleep apnea, our team’s goal is to exceed your expectations.

    Our patients tell us that our dental clinic is a friendly, happy, fun environment, filled with compassionate and caring people.

    We understand that some people may have some anxiety about “going to the dentist.” Our dental team is here to make it an excellent experience for you. Please take a moment to get to know us and Dr. Skinner.

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    Michael – #1 Fan

    Laurie – Loves Us

    Loren – Comprehensive

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    Shawn – Glad He Knows Us

    For first class cosmetic dentistry, you need expertise, technology, and an artist’s touch. You can receive the stunning results you are hoping for when your smile in the hands of our capable cosmetic dentist. Hillsboro, OR, patients can transform their smiles with cosmetic dentistry services like tooth whitening, sparkling veneers, or dental crowns.
    Invisalign aligners are the comfortable and fast-acting braces of the future. Invisalign is a virtually invisible solution that corrects crookedness and crowding. The Invisalign custom clear aligners will gently move your teeth until you achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.
    If you are seeking a long lasting and realistic solution to tooth loss, it’s time to talk to a dental implants dentist. Hillsboro, OR, residents don’t have to go any further than our office for natural-looking dental implants. Our titanium dental implants will preserve your jawbone, anchor your new teeth, and give you a full and complete smile that lasts a lifetime.
    If you have a deep fear of dental treatment, you may be a great candidate for sedation dentistry. If you have had a bad experience in the dental chair, we can change your vision of dentistry forever with calming sedation dentistry. The Hillsboro Dental Excellence team is certified through the DOCS to administer safe oral conscious sedation.
    General dentistry is the foundation for fresh breath, beautiful teeth, and whole body health. Whether you need an exam, cleaning, root canal, or emergency care, we have everything you and your loved ones need at Hillsboro Dental Excellence.


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