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Couple Celebrates Dental Bonding Treatment with Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceDid you know that rejuvenating your smile can be an easy, inexpensive process? We offer dental bonding using Digital Smile Design and 3D Perfect direct composite veneers for our patients to repair and revitalize smiles. White fillings and tooth bonding can also be a great alternative to silver or amalgam fillings since it flexes with the tooth; silver fillings, on the other hand, do not offer this flexibility, which is why they are known to cause teeth to crack more than tooth bonding.

Dental Bonding for Emergency Tooth Repair

When you have just a few minor dental issues, you may not want to worry about dental veneers or dental implants. Dental teeth bonding can help repair teeth that are:

  • Decaying.
  • Broken or fractured.
  • Stained or discolored.
  • Chipped.

Fortunately, dental teeth bonding is a simple process that can fix small to relatively large problems with your smile. Bonding can also be used to add length to a shorter tooth, add width to a tooth that is skinnier than others, or close large or uneven gaps in between your front teeth. It is perfect for making your teeth look naturally beautiful. Dental bonding can turn a nice smile into a confident and radiant smile that will turn all the heads in the room!

Dental Bonding to Replace Silver Fillings

After realizing that amalgam fillings often contained mercury and other heavy metals, many people started considering a replacement. We offer white fillings made from dental bonding materials for our patients, so you won’t have to worry about dark, metal dental work in your mouth.

Amalgam fillings do not bend if the tooth bends under force; this is why amalgam silver fillings cause more cracks in teeth. Switching silver amalgam fillings out for tooth bonding is a great way to protect your teeth from breaking.

If you have metal fillings you would like to replace with white fillings by our amazing dentist and dental team; we can help! Not only can you have a stunning smile again, but you can stop the potential dangers from heavy metals, possibly leaching into your body, affecting not just your dental health, but your total body health too.

How Much Is Dental Bonding? What Does Dental Bonding Cost?

Woman Riding Bike with White Composite Fillings from Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceDental bonding cost depends on how many surfaces our cosmetic dentist has to sculpt for you. The more material our cosmetic dentist has to use and the more that he has to sculpt, the more expensive the filling.

The good news is that depending on the terms of your dental plan, dental insurance typically covers some or all of the cost of dental bonding, so it is affordable. Even without insurance, the prices of teeth bonding are lower now than they ever were for amalgam fillings!

Dental Bonding at Hillsboro Dental Excellence Dental Office

Our dentist and dental team understand that you want a beautiful, confident smile without a lot of hassle. We use color-matched composite resin in our dental bonding to ensure that your dental work blends beautifully and improves your natural smile.

For patients who are concerned about their silver fillings containing mercury, we can show you the process of how we replace your old metal fillings with new tooth-colored dental bonding. We also use a tooth-colored composite resin when filling cavities.

Looking for a Dentist Office Who Offers White Fillings and Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

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