Visit Our Office with Confidence

As dentists, we are infection control experts. We have further enhanced our top-notch safety standards to reflect the latest guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Dental Association (ADA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA and our state and local authorities. The following is what we are doing to help keep you, your family, and our team safe:

Enhanced Safety Standards

  • Team training: Our doctor, hygienists, assistants, and front office team have undergone extensive safety training to practice enhanced universal precautions and known COVID19 exposure protocol. We remain up to date as new guidelines are released and will continue to train our Team accordingly.
  • Elevated infection control: We elevated our infection control standards following new guidelines from the ADA and CDC, including thorough sterilization and disinfection of treatment rooms and instruments between each patient.
  • PPE for all Team: All Team members will be wearing enhanced PPE in accordance with CDC & ADA recommendations.
  • Pre-Screening: All patients will be asked screening questions before coming in for appointments.
  • Tele-dentistry: We introduced a new virtual service for pre-treatment consultations, orthodontic consultations, post-op, and more.
  • Air-filtration systems: We installed ozone ionization machines, which can filter and trap 99% of particles and kill bacteria and viruses in the air. Ozone Ionization technology was developed by NASA and is used in the International Space Station.
  • We have commissioned regular deep cleaning and very thorough disinfecting of all surfaces throughout the operatories and office.
  • Appointment booking times will be spaced longer apart to minimize any contact with patients leaving or coming to their appointment.
  • We will take a contact-free temperature reading taken during check-in, and hand sanitizer will be provided to each patient before they enter the office.
  • Waiting in the reception area will not be necessary. You will be asked to remain in your car, and you will be seated via text message upon arrival.
  • You will be asked to swish with a hydrogen peroxide anti-viral mouthwash that we will provide before starting any procedure.
  • We have ordered additional disposable materials and isolation systems for our team and patients alike. We will be wearing masks all the time. If you do not have a mask, you will be offered one.
  • We will be offering contactless check-out and scheduling. Any further appointments or copayments can be made virtually.
  • Our team performs thorough hand washing and disinfection between each patient
  • Use of expanded personal protective equipment
  • Using proper respiratory and cough etiquette
  • Use of sterile instruments and devices
  • All clinical Team wear freshly laundered scrubs/jackets that are cleaned daily
  • Each Team member is subject to the same daily screening as patients
  • Team PPE include surgical masks, safety glasses, gloves, and face shields, depending on the procedure

Regular handwashing:

  • Before and after treating a patient 
  • Before putting on gloves and immediately after removing them 
  • After touching any potentially contaminated surfaces or equipment
  • Using soap and water for visibly soiled hands along with alcohol-based hand sanitizer when appropriate

Use of personal protective equipment: 

  • We have acquired N95 masks, full face shields, and eyewear to use while treating patients depending on the procedure.
  • We use new gloves for the treatment of every patient 

Using proper respiratory and cough etiquette:

  • We cover our mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing 
  • If we cough or sneeze, we do into the elbow
  • We use tissues and dispose of them correctly 
  • Sanitizing hands after exposure to respiratory secretions

Use of sterile instruments and devices:

  • We disinfect and sterilize our dental equipment.
  • Keeping the manufacturer’s reprocessing instructions readily available for trained team members 
  • Wearing appropriate PPE when handling and reprocessing equipment 
  • We use monitors to ensure the effectiveness of sterilization 
  • We use negative pressure units and extraoral dental suction to minimize exposure
  • We maintain sterilization records following state and local regulations

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces throughout the operatories and office:

  • We have established policies and procedures for routine cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces 
  • We use barriers for hard-to-clean surfaces 
  • We have a thorough cleaning and disinfecting for all surfaces that are not barrier-protected
  • Using EPA-registered disinfectants or detergents that are suitable for health care settings
  • Extra communication to ensure patients understand our new protocols
  • The office has undergone a deep cleaning and uncluttering to remove potential sources of contamination

Thank you for being our patient. We value your trust and loyalty and look forward to welcoming back all our patients, neighbors, and friends.