General and Family Cosmetic Dentistry

Happy Family Visits Hillsboro Dental Excellence for Family Dentistry ServicesIf you are looking for a new dentist for yourself or your whole family, Hillsboro Dental Excellence can help! Our highly-qualified dentist and dental team are experienced in treating both the young and young at heart with the best value in family and cosmetic dentistry. We want you to feel comfortable and welcome in our office regardless of who you are and why you’re here.

Safeguarding Your Oral Health

From lasers to 3D printers to ultra-high-resolution digital scanners, dentists in our office are equipped with the latest and most advanced dental technology available to ensure you and your family receive the best, high-quality dental treatment. Our dentists are members of the American Academy of General Dentistry and the American Dental Association, our amazing and friendly smile team is trained to be among the best in the industry and will ensure that you and your family receive the best care.

We want to keep your smile healthy, happy, and beautiful. Hillsboro Dental Excellence is a conveniently located family dentistry practice. Our friendly dentist and dental clinic are happy to schedule convenient appointments for you and every member of your family, including being open late after hours and on Saturdays and weekends to fit your schedule better.

Each of our patients is different; this is why our dentist tailors your dental experience according to your specific needs. We’re excited to meet you and show you how we can improve your smile and boost your confidence!

Our Friendly Dental Clinic Offers Many Excellent Dental Services

With the many different problems that can happen with your oral health, we want to help you every step of the way. That’s why our dentists and our modern dental team offer a wide variety of dental services dedicated to giving you a beautiful, healthy smile.

Extraordinary Dental Care

At Hillsboro Dental Excellence, our dentist Dr. Skinner and our team will treat you with respect and care. Depending on your specific needs, we typically have most patients come in every six months to clean your teeth and check many aspects of your health so that you can feel and look your best! For some patients with more complicated cases, our dentist may recommend being seen every 3 or 4 months for more thorough maintenance care.

Routine teeth cleanings can prevent gum disease. Regular exams can show us if you have a cavity or symptoms of a more serious dental issue that we could fix before it turns into a significant problem. Being seen on a routine basis by a dentist allows us to be more conservative in your care, which is much cheaper than putting problems off for longer and needing more expensive treatment options later, like dental implants and dental crowns.

Oral Cancer Screenings

During your dental exams, our dentist Dr. Skinner will check for signs of oral cancer. Discovering the signs and symptoms of oral cancer early is essential to effective treatment. Over 5% of all cancers occur in the head and neck. If it can happen to Eddie Van Halen, Eddie Money, Sammy Davis Jr., Michael Douglas, George Harrison, Michael Crichton, and Sigmund Freud, it can happen to you and your family!

Don’t take chances with your family’s health; the dentists at Hillsboro Dental Excellence provide affordable dental care for you and your family with or without dental insurance.

Our dentist is also an expert at finding oral cancer, so we will help find it and treat it for you, or we’ll refer you to the best doctor nearby to help with your specific needs.

Invisalign Invisible Braces

Mother and Daughter Contact Hillsboro Dental Excellence for General Dentistry ServicesAre your child’s adult teeth coming in crooked? Are you concerned about the appearance of your own teeth? Although traditional braces may be a good option for some cases, our dentist may recommend Invisalign clear aligners as they are an effective and virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth quickly and easily.

Invisalign clear braces are the modern way to do orthodontics because they are made from a smooth, transparent, comfortable material. The aligner trays fit snugly over your teeth to move them into a perfectly aligned position. Best of all, the braces are virtually invisible!

Our Invisalign aligners can straighten teeth in as little as 90 days! This means that your teeth or your child’s teeth can be straightened by our dentist over summer vacation, taking the hassle out of having braces at school.

Professional Dental Teeth Whitening

Are you concerned about yellowing teeth? Our dentist and our professional teeth whitening team can give you a stunning new smile!

Our $99 professional tooth whitening special is widely regarded as one of Oregon’s best deals for teeth whitening and is truly something to smile about.

Your teeth can become yellowed or stained over time for many reasons. Don’t hide your smile from the world because you are self-conscious. Let us show you how you can brighten your smile and feel confident again!

Tooth-Colored Cosmetic Dental Fillings

If you have a dental cavity, a tooth filling by a family and cosmetic dentist can restore the health of your teeth and prevent further infection that may lead to the need for a root canal. Our durable fillings are made from tooth-colored composite dental bonding material, so the filling blends in naturally with your smile.

We see no reason to use mercury amalgam fillings at Hillsboro Dental Excellence, so we won’t recommend or use them. We only use white or tooth-colored fillings and bonding materials.

Periodontal Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontitis, or gum disease, can cause severe problems that may eventually lead to tooth loss. If you are experiencing red or swollen gums, bleeding gums, a receding gum line, or loose adult teeth, don’t delay—schedule an appointment with our dentist and dental team for gum disease treatment.

Our Dental Team Is Committed to Dental Excellence in Hillsboro!

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