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Man Happy About Smile Design Dentistry with Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceYou might be wondering how you can achieve a beautiful new smile. For a personalized plan, we offer Digital Smile Design.

Working Together for a Better Smile

Using the Digital Smile Design process allows you and Dr. Skinner to see how different treatment options will affect your smile. Your input on what makes you look the best allows our team to tailor your treatment, so you can look and feel your best while smiling in confidence.

What Is Digital Smile Design? How Does It Work?

Young Man Learns How Smile Design Works at Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceDigital Smile Design is a breakthrough cutting-edge technology that allows you to participate in planning your smile makeover. Our cosmetic dental team can work with you to create a new digital smile plan and show you how we can improve your smile using your digital images.

We start with a 3D laser scanner, 3D x-ray, specialized high-resolution photography, and detailed videos to fully digitize your smile and entire head so that we can plan the best possible smile for your face. So you can smile with absolute confidence.

The Fibonacci Series and the Golden Ratio of Beauty

Have you ever wondered why millions of people go to the Louvre museum in Paris to see the Mona Lisa? Why do most people consider that to be the most beautiful painting of a human ever?

The answer is that Leonard Davinci knew some things most people don’t. That is the Fibonacci series and the Golden Ratio. The Fibonacci series of mathematical numbers that are found everywhere in nature, wherever there is life on earth. Count the spirals in a seashell, count the petals on a flower. Wherever there is life there is the Fibonacci series and the Golden Ratio.

Mathematicians were surprised to learn that if you add up the Fibonacci series to infinity you always get a number called the Golden Ratio.

What does that have to do with the Mona Lisa? Humans innately perceive the Golden Ratio as beauty. We do it unconsciously, wherever we see the Golden Ratio we perceive that as beauty. That’s why we perceive flowers as beautiful.

If you measure virtually every distance on the Mona Lisa, you find the Golden Ratio. For instance, by drawing a rectangle around her face, we can see that it is indeed golden. If we divide that rectangle with a line drawn across her eyes, we get another golden ratio, meaning that the proportion of her head length to her eyes is golden.

There are dozens of other golden examples that can be drawn on the rest of the Mona Lisa, like from her neck to the top of her hands. Turns out Leonardo was a lot smarter than most people realize.

Awesome Dentist. The Dr is Very professional and Straightforward of what needs to be done. The team is just GREAT and the best customer service. Your health comes before everything. I live 30 minutes away, but I’m more comfortable coming to this dental clinic than the One across my Street… I highly recommend Hillsboro Dental Excellence to my friends and family.5/5
5 Star Rating for Digital Smile Design at Hillsboro Dental Excellence
– Shwan Barzinji Masifi

The Golden Ratio and YOUR Smile

Ok Dr. Skinner what does any of this have to do with Digital Smile Design?!

I am glad you asked. With Digital Smile Design we can design your smile to fit your face in perfect proportions, and when we do that we are always working towards making the proportions as close to the golden ratio as possible. With Digital Smile Design, you are not only getting the latest in cosmetic dentistry, but we are also designing your new smile with Digital Smile Design wherever possible to be golden!

So not only does your smile look great, others may perceive it as intrinsically beautiful. We do our best to connect modern science, mathematics, and cosmetic dentistry to the human perception of true beauty for your new smile.

Test Drive Your Beautiful New Smile

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, why should your smile be any different? Using Digital Smile Design, we are able to show you almost exactly what your smile can look like when your treatment is finished. When you see how a specific treatment plan affects your smile, you can decide which path is right for you, and we will be one step closer to giving you your perfect smile.

It’s not unusual when patients see themselves with their test drive for the first time to burst into tears of joy. Most people have never dreamed that they could look so amazing! A Digital Smile Design test drive lets you see your new smile before you even begin treatment.

Amazing staff and service! I highly recommend coming to Hillsboro Dental Excellence! They are professional, and they have outstanding customer service. I’m always well taken care of when I’m there. ❤ Thank you, Dr. Skinner and team!
5 Star Rating for Smile Design with Hillsboro Dental Excellence
– Lizzy Crusan

Dr. Skinner and our team at Hillsboro Dental Excellence is the only dental practice in the Pacific Northwest to offer both Digital Smile Design and 3D Perfect.

I’m so happy I chose this place ❤️❤️❤️I love, and I’m so proud to have a doctor like Dr. Skinner! The team is s so friendly and kind! I recommend this place 100% ! and with all my ❤️❤️❤️

5 Star Rating for Dr. Skinner at Hillsboro Dental Excellence
– Lia S.

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