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Young Woman Considers Wisdom Teeth Removal from Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceYou may be wondering why people even have wisdom teeth if they just need to be extracted. Wisdom teeth may have been useful thousands of years ago when humans had bigger mouths and inadequate dental hygiene, causing them to need and use those extra teeth. Now, however, dentistry and general health are much better.

Fortunately, today, wisdom teeth removal can be a very easy procedure. Most people see wisdom teeth erupt between the ages of 16 and 25. Some people may not have any symptoms up-front.

Still, most people generally experience complications from wisdom teeth sooner than later since the ability to clean them is limited for most people. Wisdom tooth pain is the most common complication that most patients experience. There is no reason to worry about wisdom teeth pain with modern dentistry because our dentist and dental team can effectively manage that for you.

If you cannot effectively clean the back teeth, cavities, gum inflammation, and subsequent bone loss can begin to occur if not taken care of by your friendly, compassionate dentist or oral surgeon.

Why Do I Need to Get My Wisdom Teeth Taken Out?

When your wisdom teeth come in, they can often cause problems, including:

  • Pain in and around the wisdom teeth.
  • Infection.
  • Tooth crowding.
  • Gum disease.
  • Food getting stuck around the tooth, causing a gum abscess.
  • Damage to surrounding teeth or the jawbone.
  • Cyst growth around impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Tooth decay, especially if wisdom teeth are only partially exposed.
  • Shifting of teeth that causes orthodontic problems like crowded teeth.

If you can feel your wisdom teeth coming in or your wisdom teeth cause you problems, our dentist can help you by performing a wisdom tooth extraction to help prevent more severe problems and help you feel better! If you think that wisdom tooth extractions may be challenging to handle for you, we also offer laughing gas and other sedation options to help you.

What If My Wisdom Teeth Are Impacted?

A wisdom tooth is impacted when the tooth won’t erupt completely out of the gums because of how the tooth has grown into or against the jawbone or other teeth. Impacted teeth often need oral surgery by our expert dentist to be removed. Our local dental office can provide oral surgery or extractions for fully impacted wisdom teeth here in our dental clinic in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Why Choose Hillsboro Dental Excellence Dental Clinic for Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Our dental office is fully equipped for your comfort and safety, and our dentist is very experienced in wisdom teeth removal and emergency wisdom tooth extractions. We provide local anesthesia, laughing gas, and oral conscious sedation options depending on your specific situation. Our goal is to quickly and efficiently remove your extra teeth to avoid future wisdom teeth pain and tooth decay on your wisdom teeth.

What Should I Expect When Having My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Woman with Glasses Excited about Wisdom Teeth Extraction with Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceWe want to make your extraction process as easy and effective as possible. Our dentist Dr. Skinner and our dental office will talk to you before your procedure to let you know if you need to fast (not eat) for a few hours beforehand. We will also go over post-treatment recommendations to ensure your mouth heals as quickly as possible with the least amount of pain and discomfort.

The silver lining about keeping your mouth clean and safe for a while is that you get to eat soft, cold foods like ice cream and applesauce. You’ll also want to take it easy, so go ahead and watch your favorite movie when you get home. Avoid vigorous activity, which can loosen the blood clots necessary for healing and prevention of dry socket and other forms of post-extraction wisdom tooth pain.

Don’t worry! After your wisdom tooth removal, our dentist and dental team will email you the instructions to help you remember what to do to heal up as quickly and easily as possible!

How Much Does Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost?

Each case is different. Most dental insurance plans cover most or all of the cost of wisdom tooth extractions at our dentist office. Even if you have no insurance, the cost of wisdom tooth extractions is very reasonable, and our team will make sure that you do not leave our dentist office in wisdom tooth pain.

How Long Do Wisdom Teeth Extractions Take?

Each case is unique. Our dentist Doctor Skinner is a very experienced surgeon and has taken out thousands of teeth. For example, he was once able to take out four impacted wisdom teeth in under 10 minutes! Other cases take more time. Our practice typically schedules about an hour for each patient, even though we frequently do not use the full hour.

Wisdom Tooth Pain: How Much Will It Hurt?

Most of the pain that comes from wisdom tooth extraction happens because of inflammation; this is why our dentist Dr. Skinner and our dental team place an anti-inflammatory where we take teeth out that minimizes the swelling and inflammation. This dramatically decreases the pain after the wisdom tooth extraction.

Optionally, we also offer Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) to minimize the chances of dry socket and speed the healing up significantly. PRF is a cutting edge technology where we draw some blood if you want us to and spin it in a centrifuge to collect all of the platelets, white blood cells, and growth factors into a super clot that makes your mouth heal very quickly and without pain.

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