We Support Animal Rescue

Helping Animal Rescue and Pets and Animals in Need

Hillsboro Dental Excellence and our entire team care about people and the pets that need help in our community. We know that sometimes, especially in today’s “city society,” pets and animals cannot always fit in or take care of themselves. We feel incredibly grateful to be involved in this beautiful community, and we want to and do give back. We have chosen two animal rescue organizations that we routinely give donations to help!

We do this because we believe that pets and animals deserve a second chance, or in many cases, even the first chance to have a great life and a forever home. We want to do everything we can to create a loving experience for all beings capable of love.

We also do it further than our hands can reach by donating to these fantastic causes. If you can afford it, but only if you can, we encourage you to support these or other worthy causes in our community.

Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals. OFOSA
The OFOSA is a foster-based rescue organization with the vision to try to save as many homeless animals as humanly possible from high-kill, overcrowded shelters, restore them to excellent health, and find them loving forever homes. They have saved over 18,500 shelter pets since 2002.

OFOSA – Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals Website
FB link: OFOSA – Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals Facebook Page

House of Dreams
House of Dreams is a wonderful dedicated no-kill shelter for abandoned and homeless cats. They treat every cat that they can with no discrimination because of age or medical history. The cats are free to roam around the facility and are granted lifetime residency until they can get adopted.

With no room to adopt any more pets ourselves, we choose to donate and we hope you can too. Please donate or adopt to restore love to an animal’s life while enriching your own.

House of Dreams – No Kill Shelter