NightLase Snoring and Airway Improvement

Woman Needs Laser Treatment for Snoring from Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceIf you struggle with snoring, or are looking for an alternative for your CPAP machine, come talk to Dr. Skinner about helping to reduce or stop your snoring or obstructive sleep apnea and get a better night’s sleep.

One way Dr. Skinner can help you stop snoring is through our NightLase Laser Snoring Solution. For most people, this is truly the best and most exciting snoring aid and sleep apnea treatment available.

The Non-Surgical Treatment to Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea

How long has it been since you’ve had a good night’s sleep? If snoring is interrupting your sleep or that of your loved ones, an amazing treatment is just around the corner!

What Is NightLase™, and How Can It Help Me?

NightLase™ Laser Snoring Therapy is a pain free, non-surgical procedure that uses a sophisticated laser to tighten and shrink the uvula, soft palate, and surrounding tissues. The muscles then become firmer, and your airway is less likely to collapse during sleep.

NightLase™ doesn’t just help eliminate snoring. The process can also be an effective treatment for sleep apnea by allowing you to breathe easier and deeper while you sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea, often caused by a large tongue or large tissues in the throat, can easily be treated with NightLase™ in most cases.

How Does NightLase™ Work?

Before starting a NightLase™ treatment, we recommend an at-home sleep study. We can provide you with an at-home sleep study system to check your snoring and sleep apnea. We can send the results electronically to a sleep expert MD for a full scientific evaluation. Each NightLase™ treatment session takes about 30 minutes and typically consists of 3–4 treatments. The sessions are spaced about 3 weeks apart, so you should be finished in about 6-9 weeks.

Touch-up sessions may be needed every year or two, since NightLase™ isn’t a life-long permanent procedure.

What is a NightLase™ Treatment Like?

NightLase Laser Snoring Treatment from Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceA NightLase™ treatment consists of 3–4 short sessions with our Fotona Lightwalker laser. The sessions are spaced 21 days apart for maximum results. During the procedure you may feel a warming sensation, but no pain.

NightLase™ for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can rob you of the oxygen you need to fully function. Snoring causes plaque to build up in your arteries, increasing your risk of heart attack and stroke. With NightLase™ Laser Therapy, we can reopen your airway so you can breathe again.

Get Ready to Feel Great With NightLase™ and Contact Our Office Today!

Are you ready to start sleeping through the night without interruption? Contact our office today for your FREE snoring and sleep apnea consultation. We can help you to sleep better so you can feel youthful and energetic again.

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