How Invisalign® Invisible Braces Work

Book your FREE Invisalign ConsultationYou have probably heard about Invisalign clear braces, but how do the aligners work? Invisalign clear aligners are designed to gradually and gently move your teeth into place using a series of invisible trays. The trays are changed out every few days, depending on your situation.

Award Winning Invisalign Braces Treatment

Dr. Geoffry Skinner is the recipient of the prestigious Invisalign Doctor of the Year award, is a board member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners, and teaches other dentists and doctors for the Invisalign Corporation. Dr. Skinner will advise you and explain every step of your Invisalign treatment.

The Invisalign Braces Process

  • Step One: Design Treatment Plan. We start your Invisalign treatment with x-rays, pictures, and a 3-D digital scan of your teeth. After Dr. Skinner examines your smile, we decide on your specific needs and design a treatment plan just for you. We will also discuss the cost of your Invisalign treatment to align your goals with an affordable plan.
  • Step Two: Decide if Orthodontic acceleration is for you. Orthodontic acceleration can cut the time you need to wear your trays from years to months while making it more comfortable at the same time. Remember Acceleration is ONLY available if you see a qualified dentist in person. This procedure is NOT available via any mail order aligner company. Learn more about why you should avoid mail order aligners.
  • Step Three Receive Your Custom Aligners and Get Started. Clear aligner trays are quickly created from the digital scans of your teeth, each one designed to gently push your teeth into a new position. You pick them up here in our office, or we may have many of them mailed to you.
  • Step Four: Change Your Aligners as Needed. Your series of trays should be changed out every few days, or as soon as your teeth fit perfectly into your aligners. Each time you switch to a new set of aligner trays, you give your teeth a new direction for alignment.
  • Step Five: Start Sharing Your Stunning New Smile! After your time is up and Dr. Skinner has had a final check out of your teeth, you are all done! The aligners have gently moved your teeth into their final position creating your straighter, more confident smile.

The staff is always friendly; they did a great job both on my cleaning and my Invisalign treatment, which only took three months! I’m going to talk about the thing that everyone cares about pain. They were always very sensitive to what you were feeling and always numbed me up pretty good. The best dentist I’ve been to in that regard. On to other things, they had great recommendations for oral health in general, and they can usually book you really soon without too much notice, so that’s always convenient. Dr. Skinner is also apparently pretty well renowned among the doctors trained in Invisalign. He’s very knowledgeable about how things work, and he was even able to get me to understand what was going on in my mouth regarding the state of my oral health and the things to come with the treatment in some pretty good depth. They also had lots of options regarding payment, but I just chose to pay upfront personally, and I feel they delivered on their end of the bargain even though I had already paid, a great place to be.
5 Star Review for Invisalign Dentist in Hillsboro
– Brian Schwarm

Will Invisalign Clear Braces Work for Me?

Our Invisalign alignment system works great for both teens and adults. The Invisalign clear braces are made from SmartTrack® material. The design uses cutting-edge technology and can straighten teeth for virtually all orthodontic patients. Learn more about Invisalign for Teens.

Will a Straighter Smile Increase My Confidence?

Virtually all of our patients tell us that their new straight smiles have improved their confidence. Why worry about misaligned teeth or a less than perfect smile if you don’t have to? Invisalign invisible braces can give you the Hollywood smile you have always dreamed of.

Clear braces can also look great while you are wearing them! You don’t need to attract unnecessary attention to your smile with metal wires and brackets. With Acceleration, you can have a beautiful new smile in almost no time at all!

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Once I Have the Invisalign Aligners, What’s Next?

Wearing Invisalign clear aligner trays is easy! The smooth material doesn’t cause sores or mouth pain, and fewer checkups are needed during treatment. Simply wear your invisible aligners every day.

Aligners are also easy to remove so you can continue to eat all the foods you love. You don’t need to worry about special cleaning tools either! Regular tooth brushing and flossing are easy.

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