Deep Cleaning, Scaling and Root Planing

Couple Hiking After Scaling and Root Planing Treatment with Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceIf you have been diagnosed with gum disease, periodontitis, periodontal disease, or gingivitis, our fantastic team at Hillsboro Dental Excellence dentist clinic is ready to help you. Our awesome dentist and dental hygienists provide a deep cleaning scaling and root planing treatment for our patients to reverse mild and moderate forms of gum disease.

More severe cases may involve using our laser gum treatment to help heal your gums in a procedure called LANAP (Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure) or LAPT (Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy).

Our dentist and dental team can utilize our state-of-the-art laser to help with the regeneration of your gums and bone around your teeth to treat severe gum disease cases and peri-implantitis to get you the best dental outcomes possible. We want your smile to feel beautiful and healthy!

What Is Dental Scaling?

Dental scaling is the process of removing plaque from below the gum line. Plaque consists of a film of millions of bacteria that sticks to the outside of your teeth and can build up over time. Regular dental cleanings by our dentist and dental hygienists can help prevent this type of dental issue.

What Is Root Planing?

Gingivitis bacteria can cling to the roots of your teeth and make the root surface rough. Root planing is a treatment that smooths the uneven surfaces of your tooth root. This action encourages the gums to stick to the root of the tooth and discourages bacteria from attaching to the root, preventing tooth loss caused by periodontitis.

Dental Deep Cleaning vs. Routine Dental Cleaning

When a patient is diagnosed with periodontitis, a routine cleaning may not be enough to get you the healthy gums you need. A regular cleaning simply removes visible plaque and polishes your teeth. Deep cleaning gets below the surface and into the space below your gum line.

Dental deep cleanings can remove the toxic buildup of fossilized bacteria called calculus or tartar out from underneath your gums that makes them inflamed. A deep cleaning or root planing procedure can make it easier for your gums to attach back to your tooth and give bacteria less of a place to hide from your toothbrush and floss. Correct treatment is essential for gum disease patients, so we can help you heal entirely.

The American Dental Association recommends that patients with periodontal disease get cleanings 3 or 4 times a year to improve or maintain healthy gums and teeth. We want you to keep all of your teeth, so if you are diagnosed with gum disease, we will ask that you come back 3–4 times a year for cleanings. We promise that this is not because we want to bill you or your insurance more; this is because we want to do what is necessary to save your teeth.

When Should I Consider Scaling and Root Planing?

Woman After Dental Deep Cleaning Treatment at Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceMild forms of gum disease like gingivitis can often be treated with routine dental cleanings. However, patients with more advanced gum diseases like periodontitis will need deeper teeth cleanings to get healthy gums. Patients should watch out for:

  • Teeth that look longer than they did a few months ago
  • Permanent teeth that feel loose or have too much movement
  • Pre-existing health conditions like diabetes and tobacco use
  • Gums that are red, puffy, and bleed with flossing from inflammation

If you are concerned that you might have gum disease, don’t delay. Contact our Hillsboro Dental Excellence dentist and dental hygiene team to give you a professional, deep teeth cleaning, and get you on the road to gum health and total wellness.

What Does Scaling and Root Planing Cost? What does Dental Deep Cleaning Cost?

The deep cleaning teeth cost is mostly dependent on what insurance you have. Dental cleanings are covered mostly or entirely by your dental insurance. The cost of deep cleaning is usually pretty minimal, especially if it means saving your teeth. Even if you have no dental insurance, we consider dental deep cleanings so important for those that need them that our practice will do whatever it takes to make it work for you.

For Gum Disease Treatment That Can Save Your Smile and Help You Feel Better, Call Our Dental Office Today!

Our experienced dentist and dental hygiene team can provide gum disease treatment that can help you feel better. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with our friendly dental hygiene team. We’re excited to meet you and help save your teeth.

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