TMJ Splints

Man and Woman Sleep Soundly with TMJ Splint Therapy from Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceTMJ splints or TMJ Mouthguards are custom designed to relieve your joint pain. A splint acts like a crutch, taking pressure off your joints and allowing them to heal more quickly.

What Happens When I Get a TMJ Splint?

When we treat a TMJ patient with a splint, we start by scanning the patient’s teeth with our 3D digital scanner. The scan helps us develop a plan for your splint that we send to one of our 3D printers. When the splint is finished, you can pick up your new splint and be out of our office in about 10 minutes!

5 Types of TMJ Splints

  1. “Over-the-Counter” Guard. Any item you purchase over-the-counter may seem convenient and inexpensive, but the mouth guards are likely to be uncomfortable and cause more problems.
  2. Soft Splints. A soft splint usually feels more comfortable. However, soft splints are less durable and wear out faster. They are helpful with minor pain after an injury.
  3. Custom Flat Plane Splint / TMJ Night Guard. Our TMJ night guards are designed for teeth grinders and clenchers. The custom fit allows maximum comfort while you sleep at night, reducing stress and pain by stopping teeth grinding.
  4. Removable Neuromuscular Orthotic. This type of support is similar to a mouthguard for TMJ, but is smaller and is designed to wear most of the time. A neuromuscular orthotic, or brace, can help with teeth grinding and teeth clenching throughout your day.
  5. Mandibular advancement device for sleep apnea and snoring. A mandibular advancement device is only used for patients with sleep apnea. The device is customized for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Benefits of TMJ Treatments

TMD and TMJ disorders may be mild or serious depending on your situation. TMJ treatments can improve your well-being by:
Sleeping Couple Gets Help with TMJ Splints from Hillsboro Dental Excellence

  • Putting an End to Your Headaches.
  • Getting Rid of TMJ Pain.
  • Stop Jaw Pain.
  • Eliminating Teeth Grinding.
  • Preventing Damage to Your Teeth.
  • Improving Your Breathing.

The sooner you receive TMJ therapy and treatment the better. Constant pain and problems can complicate your health. We can show you the best treatment for your TMJ disorder and help you feel great!

To Stop TMJ Pain and Start Living, Contact Our Office Today!

If you’re ready to stop TMJ pain in its tracks and start living your normal life again, contact our office today for a FREE TMJ consultation! We want to help ease your pain and discomfort and get your jaw joints feeling great again!

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