Invisalign® Braces: Why You Should Not Use Mail-Order Aligners

Woman Smiles After Choosing Invisalign with Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceWe offer Invisalign clear braces because they have the best track record for predictably giving patients amazing smiles. The clear invisible aligners are made from SmartTrack® material, an advanced technology that ensures optimal results.

The American Dental Association and The American Association of Orthodontists caution against using these mail-order companies. They recently issued statements reminding patients and providers that realigning teeth is a medical procedure and needs to be directly supervised by a trained medical professional. Improper treatment can result in the loss of teeth and costly dental complications.

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Mail-order aligners have become more popular recently due to what seems like an inexpensive price tag. However, orthodontic patients should be aware of the pitfalls of cheaper mail-order aligner trays. Take the following into consideration before you order:

  • You may need to pay for separate x-rays, scans, or impressions. When visiting a dentist or orthodontist, x-rays and scans are included as part of your Invisalign invisible braces treatment. A mail-order company may ask you to send x-rays, and if they do not, you should be worried.
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  • You can NOT get Orthodontic Acceleration via ANY mail order aligner company. To get acceleration you must see a qualified dentist in person. This can cut your treatment time from years to months in most cases!
  • The impressions may be faulty. Some mail-order companies expect you to create dental impressions of your own teeth. Creating molds takes experience and skill, and a faulty mold can create faulty aligners, leading to serious problems in the future. The modern correct way is to use a 3D laser scanner, not old fashioned impression materials.
  • Clear braces may not work for everyone. Our Invisalign clear braces patients all receive a thorough oral exam before we get started with the Invisalign system. If you have a severe orthodontic issue, we may recommend different treatments.
  • Your treatment is not properly adjusted. Mail-order aligners are often made all at once. Without periodic scans and checkups to see how your teeth are progressing, the aligner may lose their tracking and not fit properly, moving your teeth in the wrong direction,or even causing damage to your jaw, bite, or teeth.
  • Mail-order technology is usually outdated. The Invisalign braces system is constantly being improved, while mail-order systems often use lower quality materials or outdated dental technology that is so old, it is off patent.
  • Mail-order could end up costing you more. When you do not regularly see a dentist or have regular fine-tuning adjustments made to your aligner trays, be aware. Problems caused by mail-order trays can cause serious dental issues, and the expense can quickly increase.

Can Mail-Order Aligners Mess Up My Bite?

Yes—over 2,600 unhappy customers have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau due to poor results with mail-order aligners

Here are some news reports about things that can go wrong with mail order aligners. We advise you to see a dentist in person, or at the very least do tons of research before you plan otherwise!

Book your FREE Invisalign ConsultationNBC News – Smile Direct Club Patients Report Painful Problems
New York Times – Smile Direct Club Customer Dissatisfaction
The Hill – Tooth Straightening at Home Poses Serious Risks
Fox Business – Dentists at Smile Direct Club Risks Losing Licenses

Now that you have seen why you should probably not risk mail-order aligners, let us show you how Invisalign clear braces work to change your life! We can show you the benefits of Invisalign braces, show you a simulation of what your new smile can look like, and talk to you about cost and all our payment options.

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