Benefits of Dental Implants

Young Man Considering Dental Implant Benefits with Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceDental implants were first invented in the 1950s. Over the last 70 years and more, dental technology has improved dramatically, and the dental implants we use today are more successful and more effective than ever before! We provide dental implants for our patients for many reasons.

One of the most significant benefits of coming to Hillsboro Dental Excellence is that we perform all of our dental implants in house. That means we provide the oral surgeon right here in our Hillsboro dental clinic.

Your local dentist at Hillsboro Dental Excellence provides affordable cosmetic dentistry. Whether or not we are the nearest dentist, we always strive to provide the best treatments possible. Our goal is to develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient’s needs so they can get the smile of their dreams that will last a lifetime.

Increased Confidence With a Natural-Looking Smile

Dental implants are a great way to fill in the gaps in your smile. A full, beautiful smile can give a much-needed boost to your self-esteem and confidence. Modern dental implants provide:

  • Natural tooth color. Each new tooth is color-matched to blend in with your natural smile. Our porcelain crowns beautifully match natural teeth in shade and translucency.
  • Natural fit. Our precise 3D x-rays and 3D scans are used to create your new tooth and perfectly fit and match the shape of the other teeth in your mouth. Dr. Skinner will also check to ensure the tooth fits well and looks beautiful.
  • Natural feel. In addition to looking great, your new tooth should also feel great. Eat, speak, and smile without worrying about your dental work coming loose.

The confidence you can gain with a full, brilliant smile can help you navigate everyday life with ease. Attend social events without feeling self-conscious, give a presentation without hesitating to smile, and laugh with your friends when you are out on the town.

Improving Smile, Confidence, and Self-Esteem

When you start losing bone in your jaw, the muscles in your face change shape and may damage your facial aesthetics and self-esteem. Healthy bone density and natural teeth once provided a structure for your facial muscles. As your new teeth are placed, your muscles will already have a new structure that looks and feels better.

Dental Implants for Improved Confidence and Oral Health

You know that a dental implant can fill in a gap in your smile with a natural-looking tooth, but did you know an implant can improve your oral health? In addition to giving you a full smile again, implants have a positive impact on your mouth.

Preventing Tooth Shifting With Dental Implants

Woman Smiling about Benefits of Dental Implants with Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceA dental implant acts like your natural tooth, filling in the gap in your smile with a strong, stable replacement. Without a dental implant, your teeth may shift out of place over time and cause problems with your bite. If you are missing more than one tooth, your teeth start to move quicker.

Steer Clear of Gum Disease

Gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis are caused by decay and the buildup of plaque over time. A missing tooth can create extra gaps that give bacteria more places to hide and cause problems for you. A dental implant can fill in the space and keep decay from getting underneath your gums and causing cavities or accelerating bone loss.

Encouraging Bone Regrowth and Preventing Further Bone Loss

When a dental implant is placed in the jawbone, your bone reacts by fusing with the titanium post. This happens because your implant acts like a tooth root, putting chewing forces down into the bone to stabilize bone density. Dental implants can also prevent further bone loss.

How Much Is a Tooth Implant? What Does a Dental Implant Cost?

Your cost will depend on the type of implant you need and whether or not you need a bone graft or platelet-rich fibrin (PRF/growth factors). During your FREE consultation appointment, we will diagnose your exact needs, give you a precise cost, and, if necessary, an affordable payment plan that fits your needs.

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Call our dental clinic at Hillsboro Dental Excellence today to find out more about the health benefits of dental implants. We can schedule your FREE dental implant consultation and answer your questions about the process. We’re excited to meet you and help you get started on getting the smile of your dreams!

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