3D Perfect—Perfect Digital Dental Bonding Veneers

Friends on the Beach with 3D Perfect 3D Printed Dental Veneers from Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceAfter our Digital Smile Design team designs your new smile, we use a technique called 3D Perfect where we can design the perfect teeth for your face in 3D and then 3D print a mold of those perfect teeth.

After that, we can fill the 3D printed teeth mold with beautiful white composite bonding material to give you digital-bonded veneers that give you a stunning smile without losing any of the structure of your teeth.

You get to approve every step of the process and guide the design process to assure your teeth look great, so you can have the smile you have always wanted. Just as you can choose the exact color to paint your house, you can pick the shade of white for your new smile that makes you look the best!

3D Perfect also qualifies as a tooth filling, which means most dental insurance companies cover part or all of the cost, unlike porcelain dental veneers or prepless veneers. Digital Smile Design is also incredibly cost-effective, so you can feel good about your smile without the worry of an extra expense.

Two years ago, I stumbled upon Hillsboro Dental Excellence when I was looking for an affordable, payment based, dentist since I didn’t have dental insurance at the time. To my surprise, what I found was a personable, friendly, and professional dentist and welcoming staff, who actually made it enjoyable to go to the dentist, weird right? And a practice I have stayed with long after getting great dental coverage.
When I first went to Hillsboro Dental Excellence, I didn’t have dental insurance; I was three months away from my wedding day and hoping to get my teeth straightened (on my tight budget). Due to their payment-based plans and Dr. Skinner’s modern dentistry that utilizes propel to increase the speed of tooth movement while wearing Invisalign, my teeth were gorgeous for my wedding!! Dr. Skinner and his whole staff were so kind and patient-focused during that time, and it felt nice always to be remembered and asked how the wedding planning was going.
Dr. Skinner did everything to ensure that my teeth were straight and sparkling for my wedding day and even mailed us a wedding card with movie tickets and a sweet message always to keep dating our spouse. It was such an unexpected experience of not only receiving premium dental care but also having enjoyable and fun interactions with the dental team.
Now my husband and I are loyal patients at Hillsboro Dental Excellence. It has really been the best dental experience either of us has ever had, so we don’t need to look any further.
5 Star Review of 3D Perfect Dental Veneers from Hillsboro dental Excellence
– Grace S.

Be Sure to Ask for a Test Drive Of Your New Smile

Man Sitting on Beach After 3D Perfect Veneers and Dental BondingAsking for a test drive is the smart way to purchase a car, so why should your smile be any different? Using 3D Perfect with Digital Smile Design, we are able to show you what your new smile can look like when your treatment is finished.

It’s common when our patients see themselves with their test drive smile for the first time they burst into tears of joy and amazement. Most of our patients have never thought that they could look so amazing! A 3D Perfect and Digital Smile Design test drive lets you see your new smile before the process begins. Be sure to ask for your test drive.

Hillsboro Dental Excellence, with Dr. Skinner and his team, is the only dental practice in the Pacific Northwest to be trained in both Digital Smile Design and 3D Perfect.

Are you ready to start on the path to a beautiful new smile? Contact Hillsboro Dental Excellence to reserve your completely FREE consultation or find out more about our cosmetic dentistry services.

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