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Invisalign is a particularly impressive example of how technology has improved the way cosmetic dentistry should be done. To understand the big picture, you need to understand two things.

  1. Invisalign technology uses 3D laser scanners and clear aligners to straighten your teeth.
  2. Dr. Skinner has been awarded the prestigious Invisalign Doctor of the Year award. In addition, Dr. Skinner is one of a handful of dentists in Oregon who is trained in the latest techniques of orthodontic acceleration. This greatly speeds up the process, so your case finishes faster, more comfortably, and with much better results. Using Invisalign technology together with the latest techniques of orthodontic acceleration, most people can complete the process in about 120 days.*

That’s right! What used to take 2-3 years with metal braces can now, in most cases, be done by a highly skilled dentist with the latest 3D digital scanning equipment in about 90 days!

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I went in for a consultation for Invisalign this morning and was greeted by Tina, the manager, and Diana, the nurse. Both greeted me kindly and had a pleasant disposition. The doctor who did my consultation, Geoffrey Skinner, proved exceedingly knowledgeable. Helping answer any and all questions I had, he even had answers for my semi chronic jaw discomfort and was determined to help me resolve all of my concerns. The atmosphere in a dentistry office can sometimes seem off-putting, but Dr. Skinner and his team made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. I was very surprised when the Dr told me his technique with Invisalign would cut the correction time to a fourth of what other dental consultations told me!! This seemed miraculous to me, but it is true! I had a few concerns after the consultation about possible discomfort from the retainers and techniques used. Still, the nurse, Diana, and the manager, Tina, both had been treated with that technique with Invisalign and had wonderful advice, which put me at ease. At the end of the appointment, I was given several different payment options to think through, making it obvious that the team at Hillsboro Dental Excellence is willing to do anything they can to help you afford your needed care. So pleased by this business overall, and I am definitely looking forward to my treatment here. I will continue to post updates as I continue through my treatment. A huge thank you to Hillsboro Dental Excellence for making my needs a priority and my care within reach!!!
5 Star Review for Invisalign Jaw Alignment from Hillsboro Dental Excellence
– Rachael Birt

Dr. Skinner at Hillsboro Dental Excellence is Oregon’s #1 GP Invisalign Dentist.

That’s good for you! Since we have performed the most cases, we have the experience to get you the best possible result. Results you can trust better than mail order aligners. We have the very latest equipment, and because we are #1, we can offer you the best possible pricing. Ask about our price match guarantee! Why would anyone go anywhere else?

Invisalign Doctor Geoffrey Skinner Explains On Afternoon Live How He Can Give You A Beautiful Smile In Only A Few Months


Free Invisalign Consultation

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or schedule your

FREE Invisalign Consultation


Want to learn more about how Invisalign works?

No matter what stage of life you’re in, you deserve a comfortable and convenient way to create a straight, stunning smile. Call our friendly staff and reserve an absolutely FREE, zero pressure appointment for a free dental scan.

After we scan your smile, we will show you what your new smile could look like on a computer screen in 3D before you even leave our office! Isn’t cutting edge technology amazing?

Dr. Skinner will study your scans in depth and design the best possible treatment plan for your specific case. Our insurance expert, Tina, will work with your insurance company to make sure you pay the least possible amount. No insurance? No problem! We can help you with financing.

We will explain how long your case will take to align and how much your Invisalign treatment will cost. We will take the time to answer all your questions. After that, when you’re ready, just let us know. We will 3D print new custom clear aligners for you until your teeth are beautifully aligned. Learn more about how Invisalign works.

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Wow! Almost A Whole New Me In 120 Days? Now That’s Something To Smile About!

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*Individual results may vary.

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Congratulations Dr. Skinner On Being Awarded
The Invisalign Doctor Of The Year!

Hillsboro Dental Excellence is Oregon’s #1 GP Invisalign Provider.

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