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Young Men with Whiter Teeth from Zoom Whitening at Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceWhitening your teeth can make you feel better about sharing your smile with the world. Whether you need to give a presentation, attend a wedding, or prepare for an important job interview, teeth whitening can help you feel more confident.

After a simple teeth whitening treatment at Hillsboro Dental Excellence, you can impress your friends and family with your stunning new smile!

Dazzling White Teeth with Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Hillsboro

Our doctor and cosmetic dentistry team have tested virtually all of the professional teeth whitening kits and systems, and our patients and cosmetic dental team find that Zoom Teeth Whitening kits are by far the best teeth whitening system we have ever tested.

Although some people have good results with other forms of teeth whitening such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, GLO, ARC, Snow teeth whitening kits, or many other teeth whitening kits, our team has found Zoom Teeth Whitening to be our favorite.

At Hillsboro Dental Excellence, we provide the Zoom Teeth Whitening system because it gives the best teeth whitening results we have ever seen that will make you feel great about yourself and your smile, and it will look great to everyone around you.

In just one hour, we can give you beautiful white teeth that will leave a lasting and positive impression on everyone you meet!

Most people experience teeth yellowing or staining, often caused by one or more of the following:

  • Aging.
  • Drinking coffee, tea, or wine.
  • Drinking soda and dark juices.
  • Eating brightly colored foods.
  • Smoking.

Fortunately, we can reverse surface stains with advanced teeth whitening methods. Zoom Teeth Whitening is one of our most highly requested teeth whitening procedures because it provides dramatic results and is both gentle and fast-acting.

Hillsboro Dental Excellence provides an extraordinary dental care experience. Dr. Skinner and his team make you feel comfortable from the time you arrive, through any procedure you may require.

I have had a root canal, a tooth pulled, and crown procedures performed in perfect comfort in a very timely manner. Also, the technology to develop my treatment plan is state of the art and is presented in a written report that is very easy to understand.
5 Star Review for Teeth whitening Dentist in Hillsboro OR
– Richard Kramer

How Much Does Zoom Teeth Whitening Cost?

Woman Shows Off Bright White Smile from Professional Teeth Whitening at Hillsboro Dental ExcellenceHillsboro Dental Excellence offers an ongoing special of an incredibly low price of only $99 for a professional teeth whitening! That’s right, only $99 to have your teeth whitened by a professional cosmetic dental team with the best teeth whitening system we have ever tested!

Our Professional Teeth Whitening Special Is Only $99!

A Snow Home Tooth Whitening kit is $199–$299! Why is your price so low for teeth whitening? How can you afford to do professional tooth whitening for that low of a price?

It’s simple; we know if you come in and meet our wonderful cosmetic dental team, and we give you fantastic teeth whitening for a low price, in the future whenever you need other dental work, such as Invisalign, you will think of us. It gives us a chance to meet each other now and to give you good service so in the future you will think of us first. It’s a win-win.

What to Expect from Your Zoom! Teeth Whitening Procedure

When you come into Hillsboro Dental Excellence for your professional Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment, sit back, relax, and enjoy your patient comforts. Dr. Skinner and our team will brighten your smile with our low-sensitivity formula.

You can expect a quick 45–60 minute procedure that produces immediate and obvious results. Our Zoom in-office teeth whitening kit creates a smile that is, on average, up to eight shades brighter.

When you visit us for white teeth with Zoom Teeth Whitening, you can expect the following:

  1. We prepare your teeth and gums with a barrier gel so that your lips and gums remain untouched by the teeth whitening kit.
  2. Dr. Skinner will apply the teeth whitening gel and activate it with a special UV light. The light activates the gel, creating a powerful, rapid, whitening reaction.
  3. Steps 1 and 2 will be repeated 3–4 times, in 15-minute intervals.
  4. Walk out of our dental practice with your bright, new white smile!

Laser Teeth Whitening

Much like our Zoom Teeth Whitening system, our Fotona dental laser can whiten your teeth in less than an hour—and it desensitizes your teeth at the same time as it activates the teeth whitening gel.

What Can I Expect During a Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment?

The treatment time takes about an hour, and you can sit back and watch on-demand entertainment while you wait. The laser produces a gentle warming effect that activates the gel and whitens your teeth by several shades, all before you leave our office!

These guys and gals are top-notch… Very friendly and professional as well as doing a great job. I would recommend them to anyone. I did not have to wait; they took care of me right away.
5 Star Review for Great Dentist in Hillsboro OR
– Darrin Spell Sr.

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